What Does a Veterinary Intern Do?

Posted on: 9 December 2019

If you aspire to be a veterinarian, an internship can help you achieve your goal. Internships give you experience that you can't get from a classroom alone. As an intern, you will be working side by side with veterinarians, providing care to animals. You may have some questions about what your internship will entail. Here are three things that a vet intern will usually do during their work hours:

1. Administer vaccines.

Pet vaccination is extremely important for the continued health and well-being of pets. Vaccinations are usually given at pets' annual checkups. As a veterinary intern, you will have the opportunity to administer vaccines to many different types of animals. Getting a lot of hands-on practice giving animals shots will make you a more efficient practitioner. You will learn how to soothe animals and give them shots while causing as little discomfort as possible. The veterinarian you're interning for can give you helpful pointers to improve your capabilities.

2. Communicate with pet owners.

One of the most difficult tasks veterinarians face is the responsibility of talking to pet owners. When a person's pet is sick, they may be emotionally fragile and tense. You will need to be able to talk them through their treatment options in a calm and comforting way. As a veterinary intern, you will have the opportunity to talk to pet owners about their pets' health and treatment. This can help you be a better veterinarian when you're working on your own.

3. Diagnose illnesses and injuries.

Some of the animals you see in your veterinary practice will be there for routine checkups. However, pet owners also bring their animals to the vet when they are feeling unwell. One responsibility is to diagnose the cause of symptoms, so the appropriate treatment can be administered. As an intern, you will help diagnose illnesses and injuries. A licensed veterinarian will be with you the whole time to ensure that you make the correct diagnoses.

If you're interested in learning more, look for veterinary internship opportunities in your area. Local veterinary clinics will often take on interns in order to receive additional help while providing an educational experience for veterinary students. Thoroughly research all your options before accepting any internship. Taking the time to pick the veterinary internship opportunity that's right for you will ensure that you and the clinic you work for will both have a positive experience.


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