This Is Why Your Cat Needs The Rabies Vaccine

Posted on: 13 December 2019

When you have a cat, there are a lot of vaccines to consider giving to your pet. Among them is the rabies vaccination. You might think that it's safe for your cat to go without this one - after all, what are the odds that they'll encounter an animal carrying rabies? Unfortunately, your cat could still be at risk without this vaccine. Here are some of the reasons why you ought to get it for them.

It's Legally Required

You may not know this, but all 50 states require pet owners to vaccinate their pets against rabies. Of course, no one is coming and knocking on doors and taking away pets if you haven't vaccinated them, but that doesn't mean that you aren't skirting the law by not getting this shot.

The rabies vaccine is required because it's such a dangerous virus. You could encounter legal trouble if you don't get the rabies vaccine for your cat, namely when you try to travel with your pet or if you want to move to a new state. State borders typically require proof of pet vaccinations when you bring an animal in from another state.

Vermin Carry It

You might think that if you keep your cat indoors all year round that there's no point in getting the rabies vaccine, but this is flawed thinking. Rabies is highly communicable, which means that even if your cat can't get outside to encounter wild creatures, the creatures can still potentially come to them.

Cats are at risk if they encounter small vermin that carry rabies, like mice or rats. Whether they hunt these vermin or are bitten by them, it's possible for a cat to contract rabies from an infected rodent. Unfortunately, once transmission has occurred, there is no cure. This is why it's so important to ensure that your cat is protected with a vaccine.

It Can Spread To People

If the thought of potentially losing your cat to rabies isn't scary enough for you, it's possible that you could be in danger, too.

Rabies is one of those illnesses that can jump between species, and yes, humans can be infected by animals. This includes cats. If your cat were to become infected and bit you, you could contract rabies. Thankfully, you probably have received your own anti-rabies vaccination in the past that would help to protect you, but you would still need medical treatment, all while your cat was suffering.

If you care about your cat, getting them a rabies vaccine is a small thing to do that can make a big difference. Talk to a veterinarian and get your cat vaccinated right away.


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