What Are Bernedoodles?

Posted on: 18 December 2019

If you want to have a dog, but you have allergies, you may think that you are out of luck. But, there are actually dogs that you can get that are good for people who have allergies because they don't shed as much or at all. One of these breeds includes tri-color miniature bernedoodles.

What Are Bernedoodles?

The bernedoodle is a mix between the Bernese mountain dog and a standard poodle. The Bernese mountain dog comes from the Swiss Alps. They were bred to be working dogs, and they were often used to pull carts and help drive livestock to market. Bernese mountain dogs are also generally pretty calm dogs, so they tend to be good with families and children, as long as they are socialized well in puppyhood.

The other half of a bernedoodle, the poodle, was actually bred to be a hunting dog. Specifically, they were bred to be water retrievers. Poodles are really smart; in fact, they are one of the smartest dog breeds. When the poodle and the Bernese mountain dog are bred together, the bernedoodle is born. Bernedoodles tend to be very intelligent, very friendly, and charming. They can be high energy dogs, which comes from the poodle side of the family. 

What Are Their Characteristics?

The bernedoodle can come in a variety of colors, since the poodles can be various colors. The Bernese mountain dog is a tri-color dog. They are primarily black with some brown accents and a white belly and throat. That coloring can get passed down to their puppies, or the puppies can get the poodle coloring. It's also possible to get a mix of colors. The coats on these dogs can range from the curly coat of the poodle to the straight coat of the Bernese mountain dog. Generally, the curlier the coat, the less the dog sheds, and the less dander is produced. The bernedoodles that have a straighter coat aren't as good for people who have allergies or people who don't want a dog that sheds all over the place. 

If you have allergies but you still want to have a dog, the bernedoodle may be the perfect dog for you. They can be fairly hypoallergenic, friendly, loving, and loyal dogs. Because they are a mixed breed, they can generally avoid some of the health problems that plague purebreds. This is especially true for dogs from responsible breeders who do genetic testing on the parents. 


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