Why You Should Welcome A Cockapoo Puppy Into Your Home

Posted on: 19 December 2019

Dozens if not hundreds of dog breeds exist, especially when you consider all the hybrid breeds. The cockapoo is one of those designer dog breeds, and they're especially popular. They're a small breed, growing to a maximum of 15 inches tall and 24 pounds as adults. Find out some benefits that might just inspire you to welcome a cockapoo into your home.

Cockapoos are Great Companion Pets

Cockapoos are very friendly and affectionate dogs. To that end, they're ideal companion pets. What's more, they're friendly to strangers. So, cockapoos are a popular breed for therapy animals, such as those who visit the sick in hospitals or help people traumatized by disasters.

Cockapoos Adapt Well to Different Living Environments

Because cockapoos are so small, they don't need a lot of space to be happy. So, they're ideal companions to people living in different circumstances. For example, they can adapt well to apartment life because of their size and because they don't bark a lot. What's more, they adapt well to children, cats, and other dogs, so you can incorporate them into busy households.

Cockapoos are Highly Intelligent Dogs

In addition to rating highly on the adaptability scale, cockapoos are highly intelligent — the two qualities tend to go hand in hand. So, you will have an easy time training your cockapoo. As with most dogs, they react especially well to positive reinforcement. You can also train them to do tricks.

Cockapoos are Hypoallergenic

Fun fact: Poodles have hair, not fur. Therefore, they're more hypoallergenic than fur dogs because hair doesn't shed the same way, so it carries less dander. Well, cockapoo fur acts similarly to poodle hair, so it sheds less. Therefore, cockapoos are a relatively hypoallergenic breed. People with severe allergies might suffer reactions, but they shouldn't trigger most allergies.

Cockapoos are Healthy

Certain breeds of dogs can develop genetic health issues. When you cross-breed dogs, though, you usually eliminate genetic problems. The reason is that the genes that cause such health issues are recessive, so they drop out when you cross-breed dogs. So, cockapoos, being a hybrid breed, are healthy dogs.

Cockapoo is a Storied Designer Dog Breed

The origin of this hybrid breed dates back to the early 1900s when breeders mixed cocker spaniels with poodles. The breed became popular in the 1950s. Mary D. Foley founded the American Cockapoo Club in 1998. The club's aim is to preserve the cockapoo breed. According to Vet Street, you can now also get a cockapoo by breeding two cockapoos instead of a cocker spaniel and poodle.

Consider extending your family to include one of the cockapoo puppies for sale in your area.


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