Doggy Daycare For Your Anxious Dog

Posted on: 3 January 2020

Many dogs get anxiety when they are left at home alone. While you may like the idea of simply bringing your dog everywhere with you, this is just not something that everyone will be able to do. If you have an anxious dog, then you may find that you deal with all kinds of issues when you have to leave your dog at home while you do things like go to work and run errands. While you may be able to crate-train your dog to be in a crate while you are out of the home for short periods of time, you can't leave them in a crate when you are going to be gone for the whole day, such as on work days. Learn more about leaving anxious dogs alone and how a doggy day care can help.

What anxious dogs can do to your home

When your dog is left at home alone when they suffer from anxiety, they can wreak havoc on your home. They can end up relieving themselves in the home. They can also end up doing things to mess the house up like tearing up the kitchen trash and dragging a lot of it throughout the house. They can dig up the carpeting and other flooring, causing damage to the floor that needs to be professionally repaired or replaced. They can also end up scratching at the doors trying to get out of the house, possibly in an attempt to come and find you. Depending on the size and strength of your dog, they can end up damaging your doors and walls so seriously that they need to be repaired or replaced immediately. An anxious dog can also tear up your furniture, shredding your seating and chewing your tables and other furniture.

What anxious dogs can do to themselves

When you leave your anxious dog alone in the home, the things that they get into and that they do while you are gone can cause other problems besides the damages to your home. They can get into the kind of trouble that can cause them harm. They can end up eating things that make them sick or cause them injuries. They can also injure themselves in other ways by doing things like chewing wires or breaking things that can then injure them.

Why doggy daycare can help

You can take your dog to a doggy daycare facility when you can't be home with them. This can help you out by offering your dog supervision, so they won't destroy your home and harm themselves. Also, the staff can help your dog to relax, and your dog may end up liking the time they spend at the day care facility. If you take them to a facility like Ark Veterinary Hospital with a veterinarian on staff, then the veterinarian can also help your dog to stay calm because they will know techniques or have access to medications that may help calm them when needed.


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