Ask These 4 Questions When Choosing a Dog Boarding Service

Posted on: 25 February 2020

Most pet owners would love to hang out with their dog 24/7, but that isn't feasible for most people. Vacations, work, and other responsibilities can sometimes keep you away from your pet for a long time. Fortunately, a dog boarding staff can take care of your dog overnight. Here are some questions you can ask the staff at a dog boarding company to figure out if they can provide the care your dog needs:

1. Will your dog get enough exercise?

Unlike cats who don't typically mind being sedentary for long stretches of time, dogs require daily exercise. When choosing a dog boarding facility, ask about what type of exercise your dog will receive in their care. Find out if dogs are allowed to roam freely in a playroom with other dogs, if they're given daily walks, and if they receive scheduled daily playtime with dog boarding staff. Young dogs and those with a lot of energy especially need large amounts of physical activity.

2. Will your dog be with other dogs?

Dog boarding services have different policies on dogs mingling. Some boarding facilities allow all dogs to play together during the day. Supervision is provided to ensure the dogs play nicely. Other boarding facilities keep dogs in separate kennels, which is ideal for dogs who are sick or who don't get along well with other animals.

3. Is food provided?

Your pet will need to eat while they're boarding. Before you drop your dog off, find out if food will be provided for your pet or if you'll have to bring your own food. Some pets are picky about the food they eat. If your dog is finicky about their meals, it may be best to select a boarding facility that allows clients to provide their own dog food. Pet owners with indiscriminate pets may find it more convenient to choose a boarding facility that provides food.

4. What is their emergency policy?

As a pet owner, you hope nothing bad will ever happen to your dog. The staff at a dog boarding facility will do their best to protect your pet, but accidents can happen and pets can get sick. It's important to know how the staff at the boarding facility will handle an emergency if it occurs. Find out if there's a veterinarian on staff who can provide immediate care if a medical situation arises. If there isn't a vet on staff, ask if the boarding facility has a plan in place with a nearby vet clinic. You should also find out if you will be alerted immediately in the event of an emergency.


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