Why Take A Short-Haired Dog To The Groomer?

Posted on: 27 June 2022

People with long-haired dogs tend to be more than familiar with the importance of grooming. These dogs need to be shampooed and brushed to prevent tangles, and they often need to have their hair trimmed, too. But what about short-haired dogs? Do they need to be groomed, too? Grooming may not be quite as essential for dogs with short hair, but it does have a number of benefits, including the following.

Good removal of the shedding undercoat.

Many short-haired dogs actually have two types of hair. They have a fine undercoat close to their skin, plus a longer, tougher outer coat. Their undercoat tends to shed, especially in the spring. But removing this undercoat can be difficult. It requires a lot of brushing with the right kind of brushes. While you could brush your dog at home, it is a lot easier to take them to a groomer and let the groomer handle it. You'll notice a lot less hair in your home after your dog has had a good brush at the groomer!

Better skin health.

Shampooing, conditioning, and brushing are all good for your dog's skin, particularly when done with the right products and equipment. Short-haired dogs enjoy the skin benefits of grooming as much as long-haired dogs. You'll likely notice their skin is less itchy because the dandruff and grime have been removed. The grooming can also increase circulation to the skin, which can help prevent dry patches, hair loss, and even hot spots.

Proper nail length.

Having overly long, overgrown nails is not good for your dog. It can affect their gait, which can put strain on certain muscles, tendons, and ligaments over time. You could trim your dog's nails at home, but doing so is not always easy. Some dogs don't sit still, and the trimming tools sold in pet stores are not always as easy to use as the ones groomers buy. It's easier to take your dog to the groomer and let them trim the nails. This may allow you to keep your dog's nails a more appropriate, consistent length, which is best for their overall health.

While short-haired dogs may not need to go to a groomer like long-haired dogs, taking them there still tends to be a good idea. Even a grooming appointment a few times per year will allow you and your short-haired dogs to enjoy the benefits listed above.

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