3 Tips For Buying A German Shepherd Puppy

Posted on: 27 September 2022

There are many reasons to choose a German Shepherd for your pet. German Shepherds are considered working dogs, known for their intelligence, loyalty, and ability to be trained easily and thoroughly. These are high-energy dogs that typically need a job to do in order to be their happiest. If you are considering buying a German Shepherd to raise as your own, it's important to keep these three tips in mind:

Buy From an AKC-Registered Puppy Breeder

When buying a German Shepherd puppy, you likely have many local options. The best possible option is to buy your puppy from an AKC-registered breeder. This ensures your puppy has been bred in a responsible manner and is truly purebred.

An AKC-registered breeder is more likely to follow all best practices for breeding and caring for new puppies, including providing them with a comfortable home, feeding them high-quality food, and not letting them go home with their new owners until they are the proper age. You will also receive paperwork with your puppy validating its lineage.

Plan Ahead to Train Your German Shepherd Puppy

German Shepherd puppies are intelligent and easy to train, but if not trained properly they may become anxious and destructive. To ensure your puppy is happy and well-behaved, it's a good idea to train them as soon as you can. You should work with an experienced dog trainer and consider taking both private and group classes so your dog can learn manners and commands while also learning to socialize with other puppies.

Make sure that you and your family members are consistent about following up with dog training exercises at home.

Plan to Give Your Dog a Job

Since German Shepherd puppies were bred to be working dogs, they crave the predictability and motivation of having a job to do on a regular basis. One example is to train and certify your dog as a therapy dog, perhaps to visit children's hospitals or retirement homes.

Another example of a job suitable for German Shepherds is to sign them up for agility training classes and competitions. Continuously working on their training can also fulfill your puppy's need to complete a job. Be sure to use lots of positive reinforcement so they know they're doing well.

Buying a German Shepherd puppy is a big step. Following the tips in this article and working with an AKC-registered puppy breeder will help ensure you are choosing the best possible puppy for your family. For more information on AKC-registered German Shepherd puppies, contact a professional near you.


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